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Shorter Time to Market

Provide Global Visibility of Product Information

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Streamline Project Tracking

Ensure best practices when developing your products

About ProductVision®

System Features

System Features

ProductVision provides the most extensive functionality of any product development system on the market – out of the box. From Formula and Project Management, to Workflow Automation and Regulatory Compliance, the software leverages over three decades of experience at hundreds of process manufacturing companies. This experience has allowed ASD to both understand and anticipate the features customers want. And because the ability to adjust to rapidly changing market and regulatory demands is essential, our focus is on delivering flexibility and extensibility without the need for custom changes. This flexibility is what enables ProductVision to be quickly installed at companies in many different industries simply by tailoring the database for the specific industry requirements. Features such as User-Defined Properties and Calculations, Reports, Events, Jobs and Scripts allow the CUSTOMER to tailor the system to their needs for a small fraction of the cost of competing products.

Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management

ProductVision offers a full product life cycle management software solution combining formula management, projects, workflow and regulatory compliance functions effectively into one unique system designed for your business. ProductVision maintains all of your product information from initial introduction through retirement.

Document Management

Document Management

The Book/Document Management Module allows you to merge a group of documents and/or images into a single “master” document created as an Adobe PDF file. The Document Object in ProductVision allows attaching documents to multiple “parents”, adds document versioning and security, and metadata that can be queried.

For example, in the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industries in Europe, the Book Module makes it easy to create Product Information File documents which includes all necessary GMP, SDS, SOP, and testing requirements for the product. Other Books could include Laboratory Notebooks, Product Objectives, and Manufacturing Instructions and Guidelines.

Formula Management, Costing & Analysis

Formula Management, Costing and Analysis

The Formula Management Module shortens and streamlines your product development process, resulting in faster time to market. It automates Formula Management with automatic calculation of all property and costing information, capturing information that is important to your business. Formula Management's powerful query tool allows you to quickly locate existing products that match or approximate specific customer requests, thus allowing you to provide better service. Internally, queries save time and money by rapidly locating resources or ingredients that can be substituted for others, or items that meet any user-selected combination of property, cost, or component criteria. A variety of standard reports and graphical/comparison displays streamline data viewing and analysis.

Project Tracking & Automated Workflow

Project Tracking and Automated Workflow

The Projects Module tracks objectives, activities, and costs associated with your product development and other processes. In combination with our Book Module, you can rapidly create electronic lab notebooks which complement or replace your current manual lab notebooks.

The Workflow Module greatly automates workflow approval processes that are commonly encountered in product development. This may include new product creation, reformulation projects, competitive analysis studies, and raw material replacement projects. The Workflow Module allows you to integrate and optimize your business processes, providing increased efficiency and accountability. Any number of unique workflow processes can be created that reflect your specific business needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

For industries which produce products which require hazard reporting, the SDS Authoring Module quickly and accurately produces GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheets. This module integrates seamlessly with the Formula Management Module to greatly simplify compliance with hazardous communication regulations and allows your development team to assess the product hazards much earlier in the process. ProductVision also has links to the 3E Company Ariel Data Manager and ChemAdvisor LoLi Regulatory Databases to further speed implementation and compliance with hazardous reporting regulations world-wide.

In the Food and Beverage industries, the Nutrition Labeling Module automatically creates food nutrition labels and ingredient declarations which comply with the current U.S. NLEA regulations as well as regulations for Canadian and European labels. This greatly reduces the time required to create the product label and guarantees consistency with the recipe. In addition, package ingredient declarations can be generated for any industry using this module.

Used extensively in the Consumer Products and Food & Beverage industries, ProductVision's Guidelines Module provides the tools necessary to maintain compliance with country, market, and/or application specific ingredient restrictions worldwide. The labeling module can be used to create ingredient INCI lists which include EU Cosmetic Allergens.

In addition, companies in the Fragrance Industry require additional reporting for allergens, essential oils/botanical extracts and detailed IFRA (International Fragrance Association) requirements. ProductVision greatly simplifies compliance with these regulations.

Other System Features

Other System Features

The Sample Tracking Module provides a tool to track and manage samples sent from the laboratory for customer evaluation. Because it is fully integrated with the Formula Management Module, it is easy to find formulas with specific characteristics (for example, a Kosher compliant lemon flavor) sampled over a specific time frame, for specific customers, or on behalf of a specific salesperson. The Sample Tracking Module can also print cover letters and labels, allows input of extensive feedback on the samples, and viewing of the shipment tracking status directly within ProductVision.

The Testing Module is a powerful tool that allows you to enter extensive testing information for a raw material or formula. A single test entry may include multiple test attributes, test conditions, notes, test results and overall judgment (pass/fail). The flexible design of the module makes it ideal for many different types of tests including physical property, toxicological, microbiological, clinical, and analytical tests. Test intervals (number of days between results) are user definable by test and may be scheduled. Controls, with their own testing information, allow comparison of data to standard or competitive samples.

The Formula Design Module allows you to quickly generate any number of test formulas, containing a common base raw material or formula, and varying combinations of additional ingredients. For example, you could create a group of related paint formulas which contains a specific white base formula and various combinations of tints. The Formula Design Module automatically creates the desired formulas much more quickly than you could manually using the Formula "Save As" option. This greatly simplifies the creation of parametric studies which track the results of changes to formulation variables.


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