Personal Care & Consumer Products

Personal Care & Consumer Products

The Personal Care and Consumer products industry has several challenges which complicate the product development process. Aggressive product innovation is the key to increased market share and consumer recognition in the Personal Care Industry, restricting the time you have to develop products. Country, product, and customer-specific regulatory restrictions on ingredients greatly complicate formulating products which are acceptable in all markets. The presence of allergens in many natural materials restricts what ingredients can be used and at what levels. And, allergens add significant reporting requirements. Finally, fragrance formulas tend to be extremely complex, with many ingredients and trace ingredients several levels deep.

The ProductVision Product Development System shortens and streamlines your product development process, resulting in faster time to market. It automates formula creation with automatic calculation of all key product attributes, including allergen content. Query features allow you to easily find existing recipes that may meet new requirements. All formula revisions are automatically maintained. Product development tasks can be tracked and controlled using Project and Workflow features.


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