Frequently Asked Questions

Why ASD?

Advanced Software Designs has been developing and marketing software expressly for process manufacturers since 1985. ASD's only focus is to provide the finest Formulation and Regulatory Compliance software available for process industries. Advanced Software Designs currently has over 400 customers worldwide.

Who needs ProductVision in a process manufacturing company?

Product Developers who need to quickly create new products, from inception through shipping. ProductVision tracks the entire development cycle. The flexible user-defined property capabilities let paint formulators quickly calculate pigment concentrations, % Solids and other critical properties. This capability works just as well for food formulators that need instant access to the nutritional profile of a new or revised product.

Regulatory Managers who need to create the necessary material safety data sheets and product label text.

Food Technologists who need Nutrition Facts labels for their products.

R&D and Account Managers who need tools provided by the Project, and Workflow modules to manage the development effort.

On which platforms does ProductVision work?

The ProductVision client is currently supported on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Does ProductVision have three-tier/thin client capability?

Yes, ProductVision can be utilized with the industry standard for thin client architecture from Citrix, an ASD technology partner. The Citrix software creates a thin client environment through which even older, less powerful PCs can run ProductVision. Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection is also a viable solution to remotely access ProductVision.

Which databases does ProductVision support?

ProductVision requires a back-end database of either Microsoft® SQL-Server™ or Oracle® and has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with Microsoft® SQL-Server™ versions 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, and 2016 and Oracle® versions 11g and 12c.

How does ProductVision work so well for different types of process manufacturers?

The user-defined properties in ProductVision allow the user to tailor the software for a specific process industry. Properties are user-defined, industry characteristics that describe Resources or Formulas. Properties can be numeric values, logical true/false values, character, or date fields. Examples of properties for a food and beverage manufacturer might include calculations for product calories, sodium level, saturated fat or Brix (sugar solids) level. A paint or coatings manufacturer may want to track formula VOCs, PVCs or two component calculations of NCO to OH ratios. The standard ProductVision installation includes sets of properties specifically designed for your industry.

Does ProductVision have the ability to integrate into different ERP systems?

Yes, ProductVision can integrate with ERP systems utilizing our Job integration module. Data can be transferred using Web Services or common file formats including text files, XML, Excel or via SQL tables. Intelligence built into the integration module can also automatically track new and changed information allowing external systems to reflect the changes as they occur.

How does ASD help it's customers implement ProductVision?

Based upon years of experience, Advanced Software Designs creates a custom implementation and training schedule for each ProductVision installation. With data import capabilities already built-in to ProductVision, the time consuming task of re-entering data from existing systems is greatly decreased. In addition, because ProductVision uses all standard Windows software conventions, training requirements are reduced if the users are familiar with other Windows packages, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

What are the System Requirements?

Please see our System Requirements page.


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